Consciousness and Intention in Economics and Philosophy

Kyoto Sangyo University (KSU) in December 2015


The Sakura Exchange Program in Science

We are planning an international activities for undergraduate and graduates students and young researchers who are interested in experimental economics and philosophy in December 2015. It is a part of the Sakura Exchange Program in Science sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency: We are grateful Soochou University, National Chengchi University, University of Science, Malaysia and the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus for their cooperation in sending their excellent students and researchers to Kyoto Sangyo University for joining the programme.

The programme is designed basically for senior undergraduates and junior postgraduates who are interested in experimental research in economics or philosophy but have no or little experience in it. The programme consists
of four days of seminars and lectures ( 8 to 11 December), two days of the international conference Consciousness and Intention in Economics and Philosophy (12 and 13 December) and two days of sightseeing and factory tour (14 and 15 December). Participants will be able to present their works and discuss with researchers who participate in the conference.

In addition to the participants from the above-mentioned universities, anyone who are interested the programme is welcome (provided that capacity allows). Please contact us.

Invited Speaker:

Prof. Nick Feltovich

Department of Economics,

Monash University

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December 8, 2015 December 9, 2015 December 10, 2015 December 11, 2015
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00〜10:30 Building #5 Meeting Room1

Orientation & Introduction to Experimental Economics 1: have you ever seen market supply and demand curves?
(by Prof.Sobei H.Oda)

Building #5 Meeting Room1

Introduction to Experimental Economics 2: which do you prefer-winning or earning?
(by Prof.Sobei H. Oda)

Building #5 Meeting Room1

Introduction to Experimental Economics 3: which do you want to make-efforts or excuses?
(by Prof.Sobei H. Oda)

Building #5 Meeting Room1

Introduction to Experimental Philosophy: do you maintain the same concept?
(by Prof.Sobei H. Oda)

10:45〜12:15 Building #5 Meeting Room1

Value Co-creative Manufacturing: A methodology for treating interaction and value amongst artifacts and humans in society
(by Prof. Nariaki Nisino)

Building #5 Meeting Room1

Dictator game and human behavior: brief review
(by Prof. Kazuhito Ogawa )

Building #5 Meeting Room1

Simulation studies on the evolution of cooperation: brief review
(by Prof. Eizo Akiyama)

11:30-     Company Visit (The Kyocera Museum of Fine Ceramics) and Historical Site Visit(Fushimi Inari Shrine (Fushimi Inari Taisha) Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:15〜 Building #5 Meeting Room1

Professor Nick Feltovich

Company Visit (Kawashima Selkon Textiles) Research Rooms #4 2nd floor Economics Experiment Room

Economics Experiment
(by Prof.Yoshio Iida and Dr. Yan Zhou)


December 12, 2015 December 13, 2015 December 14, 2015 December 15, 2015
Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
Building #5 3rd floor

Consciousness and Intention in Economics and Philosophy

Closing Session and certificate presentation
(by Prof.Sobei H. Oda)