Consciousness and Intention in Economics and Philosophy

Kyoto Sangyo University (KSU) in December 2015



Parallel Sessions

Presenter Affiliation Abstract
1 Christiane Schwieren Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg, Germany pdfアイコン
2 Eizo Akiyama University of Tsukuba < />
3 Guanhong Li Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology pdfアイコン
4 Haoran He Department of Economics, Beijing Normal University pdfアイコン
5 Hideyuki Takahashi Osaka University pdfアイコン
6 Hyungrae Noh department of Philosophy, University of Iowa, United States pdfアイコン
7 Hiroko Kamide Tohoku University pdfアイコン
8 Mamoru Kaneko Waseda University pdfアイコン
9 Michiru Nagatsu University of Helsinki pdfアイコン
10 Naoki Watanabe Faculty of Engineering, Information, and Systems, University of Tsukuba pdfアイコン
11 Qian Weng Renmin University of China pdfアイコン
12 Robert F. Veszteg School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University pdfアイコン
13 Takashi Kurihara Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University. pdfアイコン
14 Yan Zhou Kyoto Sangyo University pdfアイコン


Name Abstract
Kurt Gray pdfアイコン
James Konow pdfアイコン
Shaun Nichols pdfアイコン
Maroš Servátka pdfアイコン
Masatoshi Yoshida pdfアイコン
Nick Feltovich /